Friday, August 28, 2009

Colors in Nature

Just a quick note on color - in my preparations for the semester to begin, I've been appreciating the way that nature puts things together. It is simply amazing.
The oranges and greens of a poppy field, the blues, greens, and white of the ocean and sky...
I'm in a study group on Simultaneous Contrast - more to come on that - and the things I'm noticing about color simply amazes me. Specifically, how two colors together affect each other..
Look around and see what colors nature puts together!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Wow - It's mid-August and I've not done most of what I had planned for the summer.
How does that happen??
I have been fiddling around with web stuff, straightening up my web sites (like this blog) and such - but not nearly weaving enough! And now it's mid-August.. Gah!
I have been making jillions of Kumihimo braids - that's Japanese braiding in case you've not heard of it. I always have a few projects that will involve them so I travel with them, using a foam disk instead of a marudai - since it's easier to go on trips and sit around with a little foam disk rather than a wood structure as big as a stool. I do prefer the marudai when I'm braiding with silk or other slippery fibers.
What do I do with all these braids? Well, I've made a napkin holder for my spouse (it's really a bib) - just put two alligator clips on the ends and, voila, a 'napkin holder'... ;-)
They can be drawstrings, trim on clothing or whatever, straps or belts or ... They can do anything your imagination produces!
I have been known to coil them into little vessels.
Here's one that I did last year - it was exhibited in Designing Weavers (Guild) "Sideshow" last year in Florida (during HGA's Convergence) at the Manatee Art Center in Bradenton.
I call it "One Ring Circus". It's actually got quite a dark expression on the circus theme.
Here's the text I wrote for its description:
"The circus has both light and dark, positive and negative, as people come together forming community - both audience and circus people - yet differences are magnified and life is difficult. The salience of animal involvement is also paramount as it is both joyful and sad as some people relish seeing wild animals up close and personal yet life for the animal is often violent and bereft of a natural habitat and rhythm. Circus life has structure, hence the fully formed coiled kumihimo ring, yet it has its dark side, reflected by the black and red pattern. There is only one ring and one elephant as the others have escaped and gone on an adventure of their own, to live life not as a spectacle but as an adventure to be experienced."
I find it poignant that I'm posting a note about this now as it was last summer's project. Time is passing much too quickly! Gott go weave!