Friday, January 28, 2011

One bloom at a time

Nature continues to do her thing and the cycle of life continues!

My hummingbird sage is blooming even though it's only recently been planted.
I love the neutral (color) aspect of the stalk and leaves then the POP of color in the blooms...
Contrast seems to be the name of the game here to get our attention - especially if we are a hummingbird.
Thanks, Mother Nature, for the color lesson!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Unreliable Timing

Have you ever pondered the nature of TIME?
I do quite often because I have a terrible sense of time passing.
(That's obvious if you take a look at how often I post here!)

Nature has its own sense of time as the earth relates to the sun and moon, creating our seasons, tides, and other rhythms...
My brain, on the other hand, has no sense of time unless I have a schedule to follow. I don't wear a watch unless I'm working and have said schedules - thus, when I'm not working, time is elusive and abstract.

The nerd in me propels me to set up computer reminders and other such external time monitors yet I rebel against those by walking away from the computer. Oh well.

I planted my experimental California native (for the most part) garden last fall and some plants have begun to bloom even as most are dormant.
These photos are of my blooming Hummingbird Sage (salvia spathacea). The Theodore Payne Foundation has a great website to learn about California Native plants: They were indispensable in my garden project.

We've had some 80 degree weather so the plants are probably as confused as I am as to what time of year this really is!