Monday, February 1, 2010

Simultaneous Contrast, update

If you saw my earlier post about doing a project based on Simultaneous Contrast, you might have wondered what became of that?
I did finally get some things done that I'm happy with..
Here's my study in yellow/green - with braids for each original color (Yellow, Yellow-Green, and Green) and then with the near-complement on each side.. Thus Yellow with Red-Violet (makes the yellow more orange) and Yellow with Blue-Violet (which makes the yellow more green). Cool, huh!?

The Yellow-Green is with Red (more yellow) and with Violet (more green).
The Green is with Red-Orange (more yellow-green) and with Red-Violet (more blue)..
I think I got that right.. it does get confusing!
I wove all these into some black silk so that the colors would be framed in a bold way.

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  1. Fascinating, Sally -- this is such an interesting, graphic use of Simultaneous Contrast. Isn't it great when theory actually works out in practice?