Sunday, October 24, 2010

Color... Culture... Meaning...

While my yard is in 'progress' (soaking in all the rain that's been falling), I've been thinking a lot about color and culture. Different societies use color in very different ways although there is a lot of similarity, too.
I came across this graph:
while looking at another of their graphs that a student had sent me! It's a wheel of cultures and colors by topic or emotion or issue. So - number 1 is Anger and Cultures A, B, G, & I all use red to reflect or express anger... these include Western/American (A), Japanese (B), Eastern European (G), and African (I) cultures. Anger is black for Hindu culture.
Interesting although I am curious as to the sources of information they used. They mention the website Color Matters but then I wonder what their sources are...

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