Saturday, July 30, 2011

To weave, to blog, to live life?

Well, it's been a busy summer so far.
We married off a daughter. I taught a summer class. I've been working out - seriously, with a trainer in a gym. The garden is growing - but not too happy now since the summer heat has them all resting.
A lot of activity - but none of it weaving. I've not even had my 'projects' on my lap in the evening. What's with that??

My daughter told me about a website that makes it super easy to be visually engaged:
One curates 'galleries' there and can ''pin" photos from wherever...

With all the hoopla, I feel like I've been percolating, simmering, the ideas are bubbling around but aren't yet fully formed. Hence, the utility of the Pinterest site. I'm thinking I may set up boards there for projects to help better visualize them - and to get them out of my head!
We'll see where that takes me. From inertia to momentum to, dare I say it, creation?
Check it out:

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